Cleaning Tips To Give Your Office The Deluxe Appeal

25 April 2016
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Maintaining a good, lavish appeal in the office has a lot to do with your cleaning routine. Your routine should always include high maintenance of some key areas that greatly influence the overall outward appearance of a room. Below are some cleaning basics that come in handy in achieving and maintaining the deluxe appeal.

 Marble Care and Maintenance

Marble has a beautiful and luxurious appeal, but the beauty will not last if your marble surfaces are not properly maintained. Marble surfaces get stained easily from spills and dirt that accumulates over time.  Use coasters and table rugs on the surfaces. Also, place cleaning cloths and paper towels at convenient and visible points so that people can use them to clean up any spills immediately.

Protecting your marble surfaces from damage and stains is also very effective. Consider having a marble sealant applied on all marble surfaces to protect it, and also inquire from your service provider when to have sealant re-applied depending on your specific needs. However, if the marble surface is stained or scratched noticeably, request for deep cleaning and have the protector applied.

Sparkling Windows Maintenance

Your office windows are among the first things your visitors and customers will notice. It's important you keep your windows free of stains and spots. Hard water spots are the most common type of stains on windows. The spots result from the deposit of minerals left behind after the hard water dries up.  Dirty, soapy or oily water is also another cause of stubborn window stains.

Deep cleaning window glass is highly effective, and having it done every two months is, in most cases, sufficient. Besides deep window cleaning offered by professionals, it's advisable you hire casual cleaners to clean your windows whenever they get stained. Windows should be cleaned using a lint-free cloth to avoid leaving fiber on the glass, so ensure the cloths are available for regular cleaning and wiping.

Basics for Clean and Fresh Rugs

Dirty and damp rugs will not only make your office look unkempt, but in most instances, they will also have a foul smell. A carpet protector and deodorizer are great protective barriers you should consider investing in. A carpet protector is applied on the fabric and attaches to the fibers making them repellent to dirt. A deodorizer also attaches to the fibers and prevents the fibers from absorbing fumes in the atmosphere.

Keep your rugs and carpets stain-free so as to maintain their appearance. You should buy a carpet cleaning detergent effective in dissolving stains. Also, you can use Ammonia solution, mixed in the ratio of  250 millilitres to two liters of water. Sponge the stained areas with a cloth soaked in the solution, but not dripping, then wipe off till the stain comes off.

A clean premise is always welcoming and conducive for interactions and business. Boost your business by making the surrounding comfortable and appealing. For more information, contact a business such as Launceston Cleaning Services.