Three tips for cleaning your frugal family's carpet

28 April 2016
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If you want to eliminate allergens from your family home, a great place to start is by cleaning dust mites, dirt and other fine particles from your carpets. Keeping your carpets clean and allergen-free can be difficult to do if your family is on a budget, as hiring a carpet cleaning professional every couple of months is an unsustainable cost. To help you keep your carpet clean without breaking the bank, check out these three tips for cleaning your frugal family's carpet.

Prevent and treat stains to avoid disaster

As with many things concerning children or home maintenance, prevention is preferable to a cure. To minimise carpet stains and excess mess, have your family meals in an area of the house that is not carpeted. Alternatively, consider laying a cheap rug beneath your dining table that can be replaced periodically. Similarly, if your kids love art and craft, keep the paints, glitter and other supplies isolated to a play area on hard floors. If your pets shed hair and bring excess dirt into your home, give them regular baths to minimise the problem. If and when a spill or stain does occur, act quickly—using a suitable stain removing solution and a clean neutral-coloured cloth, dab the area to remove the excess moisture and prevent the stain from settling into the carpet fibres. Don't rush out and buy expensive stain removers before trying some of these solutions using stuff you already have around the home.

Use a homemade dry carpet cleaner

A fantastic and frugal way to freshen your carpet in between deep cleans is to use a dry shampoo. While there are dry carpet cleaning powders on the market, you can whip up this cost-effective homemade version using pantry staples. Simply sprinkle your dry shampoo mixture over your carpets and let it sit for a few hours before thoroughly vacuuming the area. If you have young children or boisterous inside pets, this is a job best done of an evening to ensure the powder has time to settle into the fibres.

Purchase your own carpet cleaner

While it may seem like an expense that you cannot afford or justify, owning a good quality carpet cleaner will allow you to give your carpets a deep clean much more regularly than if you had to hire a machine or carpet cleaning professional. A home carpet cleaning unit is a fantastic investment for a frugal family, and although it cannot do the job of professional commercial equipment it will help you keep on top of the pet hair, dust, allergens and stains. Opt for a steam cleaner that doesn't excessively wet the carpet if you want to stop dustmites in their tracks, and have a professional clean done once a year to ensure your carpets are kept in the best condition for both carpet longevity and family health.

To have your carpets professionally cleaned to maintain your family's health and living standard, contact your local trusted carpet cleaning business for a budget-friendly quote today.