Why Choose a Mobile Wash and Fold Laundry Service for Your Family?

31 May 2016
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A mobile wash and fold laundry service is much like a Laundromat, except that you don't go to them; they come to you! This type of service will visit your home and collect your laundry. They may then have a truck they use to wash your clothes on the spot, or they may take your laundry back to another location where they wash it and return it in pristine condition. While the obvious advantage of such a service is that it saves you time and effort, you might be missing out on some other benefits if you are still doing your laundry yourself. Note a few of those benefits here.

1. The right methods of cleaning

Laundry may all look alike to you or your expertise in washing clothes includes separating the whites from the colors, but usually there is much more involved in cleaning your clothes properly and safely. Different detergents might be needed for various fabrics and stains. Different water temperatures will also affect those fabrics, either getting them cleaner or damaging them. If you've ever had a sweater stretched out or found that a certain blouse seemed threadbare after washing it, this may be because of using the wrong cleaning methods and products. A mobile laundry service will understand how each fabric should be washed and dried so they're protected and look their best, and will also ensure that each type of stain is properly addressed as well. This can extend the life of your clothes overall. 

2. Minor repairs

A mobile laundry service can usually perform minor repairs on your clothes, from stitching up loose hems to sewing on buttons that are hanging by a thread. This too can keep your clothes looking their best and also ensure you get maximum use out of them, rather than thinking you need to buy new pieces when they can be fixed with a simple needle and thread.

3. Proper folding and storage

Even after your clothes are clean, you need to ensure you fold them properly and store them properly. This will reduce the risk of getting creases in the items from hanging them on the wrong hanger, or finding that they get stretched out or wrinkled because you folded them improperly for their fabric and design. This can make clothes ready to wear when you need them without worrying about additional ironing  or having them not fit as they should.

For more information, talk to a professional mobile wash & fold laundry service.