Things You Can Do to Keep Your Office Clean While Also Helping Your Cleaner

25 October 2018
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Hiring a commercial cleaner for your office's cleaning needs is something many businesses do. It's a great way to keep the office clean without having to put the extra responsibility of cleaning on the employees. However, to keep a work environment completely clean, there are things you as an employee need to do yourself. Your office becomes cleaner, and you'll also help the cleaning service to perform a job as thorough as possible.

Declutter your working space

Most office cleaning services perform the general tasks of cleaning that would take too long for you to do yourself while also having to work, like vacuuming floors and wiping surfaces. To enable the cleaner to do the best job they can, you can help them out by keeping all surfaces as free from clutter as possible. Don't store anything on the floor except the furniture. This includes plants, file folders and shoes. Also, keep your desk as free from things as possible; only keep the things that are essential for you to do your work there. Avoid large stacks of paper by using a filing system, like folders or wall-mounted paper holders.

Clean your desk and computer

There are some things a cleaning firm can't do for you, but that can still impact your health and the work environment in general. One of the dirtiest items that you probably use more than any other item in your office is your computer. You should clean the keyboard of your computer as often as possible, as a lot of dirt and grime gather between the keys. Use a can of compressed air to blow into the keyboard, then take a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol and gently rub it over the keyboard. You should also wipe the monitor from time to time with a microfiber cloth.

Take care of the break room

The break room is another space where bacteria and dirt will flourish if left alone. Organising the refrigerator and throwing out old food weekly is something that can prevent bad odours and harmful bacteria. You could make an alternating schedule of one person a week who is responsible for throwing away all food that is not marked with a name. That person could also be the one responsible for wiping the table and the microwave on a regular basis. The microwave should also be cleaned the moment someone causes a mess in it. Food in the microwave will just be harder to clean if it's left in there for too long, and that can cause harmful bacteria to form.