A Simple Guide to Help Prepare for Deceased Estate Clean-Up Process

27 August 2021
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While death is inevitable, losing a loved one can be a heart-breaking experience. That's especially true if you remember the exciting memories, experiences and things you shared. After paying your last respects to your loved one, you should consider deceased estate cleaning. However, this process can seem like a daunting task if you lack a proper clean-up plan.  

Therefore, if you want to have an easier time during the deceased estate clean-up, here is a simple guide and tips to consider:

Keep Aside All Financial Documents

One of the most critical aspects to consider during clean-up is setting aside vital financial documents of the deceased. Some of these documents can help prove that the deceased person is the legal owner of the property. They act as security for any purchased items and financial accounts linked to the deceased. Therefore, consider securing all critical financial documents, including bank statements, title deeds, insurance paperwork, and other related documents. That will ensure that such crucial documents do not end up destroyed or dumped away when clean-up commences. 

Scrutinise Every Corner of the House

Most people value their privacy, and some take extreme measures to keep valuable items away from the wrong hands and prying eyes. Therefore, before the estate clean-up process commences, comb throughout all the corners of the house to determine whether the deceased hid anything valuable somewhere. Additionally, check all the clothing belonging to the deceased to determine whether anything meaningful was left inside. 

Don't Forget Photos and Other Memorabilia

Photos can mean the world to some people, especially to the bereaved family members. They rekindle memories of how the deceased shared their time, interacted and lived with family or friends, among other things. Keeping such photos is priceless, as future generations would get the chance to learn and know more about the deceased. 

Set Up a Family Gathering and Discuss

Family consultations among members are crucial when planning a deceased estate clean-up. During such gatherings, every member gets the opportunity to express their views and opinions regarding how they want the process to go. Additionally, a family gathering is crucial in creating an item list to be retained before cleaning starts. This list ensures that all the valuable items are kept and the useless ones disposed of during deceased estate cleaning. 

Get Help from Reputable Deceased Estate Cleaning Services

Finally, the last step in your plan is finding a reliable cleaning service provider. You will realise that many companies offer deceased estate cleaning services, but it's essential to choose wisely. Make sure to research and compare quotes and services offered by each to choose an exemplary deceased estate cleaning service.