Making Sure Your Office Toilets Remain Hygienic

9 March 2022
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Having office toilets that remain consistently clean is essential for more than just hygiene. Your employees are likely to experience a dip in morale if the toilets they use aren't clean. Also, you'll be doing your part towards keeping viruses and other harmful pathogens at bay. If you feel as though your office toilet cleaning regime could do with a boost, here are some areas you must tackle.

Add a Variety of Bins

Make sure the bins you're using support the number of people who work at your office. You should also focus on specific bins for women's toilets. Adding bins to both women's and men's toilets ensures your employees don't flush wipes and other unnecessary items. By adding sanitary bins, you make it easier for your employees to dispose of tampons and sanitary towels. Overall, this ensures your toilets smell hygienic and prevents toilet blockages.

Include Wash and Sanitiser

Both hand wash and sanitiser are crucial for employees who want to stay clean. Hand washing is the most effective way to remove dirt and pathogens. However, if your employees want to make sure they kill anything that hand washing alone doesn't tackle, they should use hand sanitiser too. If you notice that you start to run out of either supply regularly, increase the intervals at which you order it. Additionally, if you want to be kind to your employees' hands, try adding hand lotion to the toilets too.

Put Up Posters

In an ideal world, everyone would respect bathroom etiquette. However, as anyone who has cleaned a toilet will tell you, that ideal world doesn't exist. Adding posters to your toilets can direct employees towards executing a degree of etiquette that keeps everyone happy. For example, posters that inform them as to what they should and shouldn't flush down the toilet or posters that give instructions on how to wash their hands effectively. Such posters can easily be both useful and inoffensive.

Clean Them Daily

Daily cleaning is essential when it comes to office toilets. Hiring a commercial cleaner will ensure you maintain an excellent level of hygiene without having to introduce an unpopular cleaning rota. When hiring a new cleaner, make sure you discuss your wants and expectations with them. From there, they'll be able to give you a quote. You should also discuss whether your cleaner is able to remove rubbish and dispose of it for you, as that can save you from forming an agreement with multiple contractors.

Contact a commercial cleaning service in your area to learn more.