Making Sure Your Office Toilets Remain Hygienic

9 March 2022
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Having office toilets that remain consistently clean is essential for more than just hygiene. Your employees are likely to experience a dip in morale if the toilets they use aren't clean. Also, you'll be doing your part towards keeping viruses and other harmful pathogens at bay. If you feel as though your office toilet cleaning regime could do with a boost, here are some areas you must tackle. Add a Variety of Bins Read More 

A Simple Guide to Help Prepare for Deceased Estate Clean-Up Process

27 August 2021
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While death is inevitable, losing a loved one can be a heart-breaking experience. That's especially true if you remember the exciting memories, experiences and things you shared. After paying your last respects to your loved one, you should consider deceased estate cleaning. However, this process can seem like a daunting task if you lack a proper clean-up plan.   Therefore, if you want to have an easier time during the deceased estate clean-up, here is a simple guide and tips to consider: Read More 

Should You Remove Non-Friable Asbestos in Your Home?

7 June 2021
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Asbestos comes in friable and non-friable forms. Non-friable asbestos is bonded with other materials such as cement; therefore, it does not release its fibres into the air. However, if these materials break down, asbestos can release tiny fibres into the air. Non-friable asbestos is found in older homes, especially in construction materials such as roofing sheets, cement fencing, floor tiles, bitumen products, ceilings and wall materials. Although non-friable asbestos poses a lower health risk due to its bonded state, the factors below necessitate its removal. Read More 

Does your upholstery need cleaning?

26 August 2019
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It doesn't matter how well you care for your home furnishings it is inevitable that eventually, they will start to show signs of wear. If your carpets and upholstery are starting to look a little grubby, there is no need to immediately rush out and look for something to replace them. With careful upholstery cleaning, all your furnishings can be made to look clean and bright again and can continue to offer good service in your home for many years. Read More 

Why You Need a Leather Upholstery Cleaning Service

22 March 2019
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Upholstered furniture becomes dusty and dirty over time even if you hardly use it. When the upholstery is clean, you will just feel it. This is one of the reasons why people hire a leather upholstery cleaning service since this is normally a job for professionals. This is part of regular maintenance, and a leather sofa is not always cheap so you should keep it looking beautiful. Aside from that, there are a lot of other factors why you should have it cleaned. Read More